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If you are on the internet, then only in Google Top 10

SEO services. SEO optimization. SEO marketing. We provide the following services professionally:

  • On page SEO services
  • Technical SEO
  • Off page SEO services
  • SEO marketing

We optimise websites in Lithuanian, English, German and other languages.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a strategy and a coherent, ongoing process of optimising a website to be technically correct and as compatible as possible with search engines (technical, on-page SEO), and developing and implementing an external linking strategy (off-page SEO).

SEO services and their importance for a website is neatly expressed in Mark Twain’s phrase:

The difference between the almost right and right words is like the difference between the lightning bug and lightning”.
(angl. The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning).
Mark Twain

The result of the SEO project is an appealing, technically correct, fast website that can rank in the top 10 of Google without Google Adwords.

On-page SEO also improves the user experience (UX) by creating a network of internal links that encourage users to take actions on your website that are valuable for you.

Thanks to an SEO project, traffic to the website and the percentage of conversions (useful actions taken by users) on the website increase.

The first step in getting to know your website, and your introduction to the concept of SEO, is an SEO audit.

An SEO audit is a detailed SEO analysis of your website, which will give you an idea of how your SEO project is progressing and what the priorities are for improving your website and why, what you can do on your own and where you need the help of an SEO specialist, what improvements need to be made and how much it will cost.

More about SEO audit:

Would you like to know more about the importance and benefits of SEO, the components of the project, and the potential traffic from organic search results?

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Joana Šaulienė, Founder & CEO, Digital marketing agency ASTERI


Internet users click on the second page of results when searching on Google.


More interest is being shown by businesses that write blogs.


Businesses around the world spend between $100 and $10,000 per month on Google Ads, while SEO strategy budgets are often limited to the $500-$1,500 range per month


Every 1 additional second needed to load a website reduces user satisfaction by 16%.
During on-page and off-page SEO, focusing on solving website loading speed problems is crucial.


The average CTR (click-through rate) for Google Ads. That means that out of every 100 people who see the advertised page, 3-5 are likely to click on it.


A website that has been SEO optimized and ranked in Google’s Top 1 can have a CTR as high as 39.8%. The second-ranked website can claim 18.7% of the attention of the users who saw it, and the third-ranked website 10.2%.

SEO services

What does an SEO project consist of?

SEO website audit service

An SEO audit is carried out to determine the technical status of a website, its compliance with best user practices and search engine requirements, and a list of specific weaknesses and work to be done in order to get the website listed as an answer to searches made by your potential customers.

The SEO audit report consists of over 40 pages of valuable information for you, providing the results with illustrations, explanations of why it’s important and even, in some cases, methodological material on how it could be improved on your own. The website is evaluated through at least 20 different evaluation criteria. The audit is manual rather than machine-driven, i.e. you do not get a series of data that is difficult for the average user to understand, but rather relevant information that has been processed by a specialist and is understandable to the average user.

The goal of an SEO audit is to have a clear to-do list for on-page SEO.
A technically and aesthetically correct website that is compatible with search engines is the first solid step towards the Google Top 10.

Keyword research

The most important, strategic part of an SEO project, the foundation for the entire SEO project.

Keywords are the words and phrases that users tend to use in Google searches for services, products or solutions related to your business.

Keyword research pinpoints the exact words or phrases used by consumers in your business market that you should target with all your SEO project efforts.

Identified keywords are used in the textual content of the website, in the most important structural areas.

Keyword research results in unique combinations of keywords and phrases for each strategically important page of the website, recommending a strategically useful website tree.

SEO optimization: on-page SEO

On-page SEO – technical and internal SEO optimization of a website, based on the results of an SEO audit report and keyword research.

Creating the right website structure and website tree, correct URL links and internal link network, SEO-optimised text, meta entries, articles, illustrations etc.

The on-page SEO project also includes a technical analysis of the website and related corrections.
Perfect rendering or loading speed of the mobile version of the website, solving technical errors – all of these actions ensure that the website is ready to move towards the top positions in Google’s ranking.

On-page SEO has the ability not only to improve your image in the eyes of search engines (e.g. Google), but also to improve your sales results.

SEO optimization: off-page SEO

On-page SEO is a technical, structural and textual preparation of a website, correctly incorporating the keywords you want to rank high in search engine results.

To rank in the top 10 of Google’s search results with the keywords you have identified – after the on-page SEO is complete, off-page SEO is carried.

Off-page SEO – creating and implementing a strategy for the network of links that lead to your website. This includes various articles and other types of information on other websites which recommend you. Often, external linking activities are accompanied by on-page SEO improvements.
An off-page SEO strategy is based on a detailed analysis of your SEO competitors and is developed individually, either after or during on-page SEO.

SEO marketing

SEO marketing is the maintenance and improvement of SEO after the completion of an SEO project (after the SEO goals have been achieved).

SEO marketing allows you to securely maintain your position in the Google Top 10 and expand the number of keywords or phrases that are relevant to you in the Google Top 10, thus gaining more and more organic traffic.

SEO marketing is the ongoing creation and publishing of content that is useful to you on other websites with a backlink (e.g. articles) and the creation of useful SEO content on your website (articles, blog).

SEO training

SEO optimization A-Z.

Individual and group training for self-managed website administrators or company employees responsible for SEO optimization.

An individual training programme is tailored to the level of knowledge and competences you have and want to acquire.

SEO optimization: price

How much do SEO services cost?


From 550 Eur/month

Small service businesses (up to 5 important services), small or start-up e-shops (up to 5 important categories), personal branding

Keyword research
On page SEO services
Technical SEO
The basics of newsletter automation on a website
Fixing Google Consent Mode v2
SEO optimization for up to 7 pages of your website
SEO competitor analysis and off-page SEO strategy
Off-page SEO: 3 strategic keywords


From 850 Eur/month

Large service businesses (5-10 important services), medium-sized e-shops (up to 10 important categories, up to 10 important products)

Keyword research
On page SEO services
Technical SEO
The basics of newsletter automation on a website
Fixing Google Consent Mode v2
SEO optimization for up to 20 pages of your website
SEO competitor analysis and off-page SEO strategy
Off-page SEO: 5 strategic keywords


From 1390 Eur/month

Larger e-shops (15+ important categories, 15+ important products), international service businesses (more than one website language)

Keyword research
On page SEO services
Technical SEO
The basics of newsletter automation on a website
Fixing Google Consent Mode v2
SEO optimization for up to 30 pages of your website
SEO competitor analysis and off-page SEO strategy
Off-page SEO: 5-10 strategic keywords

What are the benefits of a Google-friendly website?

  • The textual content is clearly structured and easy to read, not only for the visitor but also for search engines (Google, etc.). Algorithm-friendly structural rules, headings hierarchy (H1-H6).
  • The URL structure and link names reflect the content of the pages of the website.
  • The illustrations that are used on the website are optimised: properly sized, with the right keyword-engaging titles and ALT text. They are rendered correctly, quickly and aesthetically pleasing to users.
  • The website is rich in unique textual content, enhanced with the right keywords, that is valuable to readers and encourages them to make decisions that are good for you.
  • The content of your website pages is reflected in Google searches by representative, SEO keyword-rich meta entries.
  • A clearly understandable website tree for both the user and the search engines.
  • The website has an effective network of internal links that connect the pages of the website to each other and help users and search engines navigate the website easily.
  • A network of external links found on the web that builds your website’s authority and secures top positions in SERPs.
  • Your website articles are highly ranked in Google’s Top 10 and effectively attract user traffic.
  • The website is extremely fast to load and works without errors.
  • The mobile version of the website is flawlessly rendered and attractive and user-friendly.

If you’re entering a new market, straight into the Google Top 10! A website adapted to SEO recommendations, adapted to the competitive environment and to the needs of your users is a solid start to success in international markets. Asteri’s SEO strategy is successfully establishing itself not only in Lithuania, but also in foreign markets: businesses that have chosen us already dominate the top Google positions in the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom.

“We are working less and earning more”



Countries where our marketing solutions are already in use: Lithuania, the United States of America, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, France, Latvia, and Estonia.


Years of experience in sales and marketing


Average annual return on investment (ROAS) in Meta Ads projects


Top 10 keywords on Google over the years


Articles, website texts, social media posts, or ad texts per year

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Dalia S.
Dalia S.
Jauki aplinka, įkvepianti komanda.
Response from the owner: Labai malonu, ačiū!
Eimantas K.
Eimantas K.
SEO paslauga superinė ! Kokybiškai paruošti tekstai ir straipsniai ! Rekomenduoju partneriauti ir dirbti kartu su ASTERI !
Deividas V.
Deividas V.
Esu labai dėkingas "Asteri" už jų padarytą įdirbį bei viršytus lūkesčius. Dar prieš metus didžioji dalis klientų ateidavo per šaltus skambučius, kuriems atlikti tekdavo skirti daug laiko ir energijos. Turėjome svetainę, bet užklausų iš jos sulaukdavome nedaug. Po to, kai pabendravome su "Asteri" vadove Joana, sužinojome, kad svetainė gali konvertuoti, tačiau tam ją reikia sutvarkyti ir atlikti SEO optimizavimą. Joana taip aiškiai sudėliojo visus argumentus, kad nusprendėme investuoti. Pirmi rezultatai pasimatė jau po 2 mėnesių, nors buvome įspėti, kad jų gali tekti laukti iki 6 mėnesių. Dabar kiekvieną savaite gauname po 2 tikslines užklausas be jokių papildomų pastangų, tiesiog turint optimizuotą svetainę. Dirbame mažiau,o uždirbame daugiau – toks ir buvo mūsų tikslas. Ačiū!
Armandas P.
Armandas P.
Urte S.
Urte S.
Loocone H.
Loocone H.
Aciu visai komandai uz nuostabu darba.Viskas labai tvarkyngai ir greitai, Rekomenduojam.
Response from the owner: Ačiū labai už pasitikėjimą ir įvertinimą!
Lukas B.
Lukas B.
Viktorija M.
Viktorija M.
Pati didžiausia rekomendacija! Gavau labai daug naudingų patarimų ir įžvalgų dėl įmonės socialinių tinklų ir jų turinio.Ačiū, Joana, už profesionalią konsultaciją, dar pasimatysime 🙂
Mano M.
Mano M.
Ačiū Jums labai už reklamas, kiek teko prašyti/ieškoti tokių paslaugų – Jus esate labiausiai profesionalūs, konkretūs ir turite aiškiai aprašytą procesą, t.y. sistemingai dirbate, surinkote informacija, supratote mūsų poreikius, greitai susipažinote su mūsų produkcija ir gavę minimaliai informacijos sukūriate gan turiningą ir tikslų reklaminį tūrinį – labai patiko.
Vieslava A.
Vieslava A.
REKOMENDACIJA 100% !Joanos mokymai apie socialinių tinklų strategijos kūrimą, įrašų pateikimą, pritaikymą ir potencialių klientų pritraukimą padėjo sudėlioti konkrečius žingsnius kaip judėti toliau, kad pasiekti norimų rezultatų. Mokymų laikas neprailgo, Joana profesionaliai įsigilino į analizuojamus prekės ženklus, pateikė tikslingas kryptis kokia linkme judėti toliau, kompetetingai atsakė į visus klausimus ir juos išplėtojo. Iš mokymų išėjau su pilnu bagažu ne tik žinių bei realių žingsnių ką toliau daryti, tačiau ir namų darbais, kurių dėka konkrečiai bus išspręstos dabarties ir numatomos ateities perspektyvos, norint kiekvieną komunikacijos žinutę perteikti išnaudojant visas galimybe didinti žinomumą. Profesionalu, patikima , vertinga! #mokymai #asteri #socialiniaitinklai
Response from the owner: Ačiū labai už tokį išsamų grįžtamąjį ryšį!
Živilė K.
Živilė K.
Laura M.
Laura M.
Sužavėjo Joanos kompetencija ir gebėjimas aiškiai perteikti bei pritaikyti informaciją! Viena produktyviausių konsultacijų. Nuostabu mokytis ir dirbti su savo srities profesionalais ir kartu šiltomis asmenybėmis. Sėkmės!
Response from the owner: Ačiū labai už grįžtamąjį ryšį!
Inga S.
Inga S.
Išklausiau mokymus apie internetinės svetainės kūrimą ir esu labai patenkinta pateikta informacija, ačiū Jums už tai! Klausantis mokymų susidėliojau iškart tam tikrus aspektus, dariau pakeitimus, nes patarimai buvo labai konkretūs ir praktiški. Rekomenduoju ir kitiems, kas turi savo internetinę svetainę ir kaip aš - esate solo verslas ir norite viską išmanyti 🙂
Response from the owner: Labai džiaugiuosi, kad mokymai buvo naudingi. Ačiū už grįžtamąjį ryšį! 🙂
Karina M.
Karina M.
Labai patiko! Joana tikra profesionalė. Rekomenduoju visiems
Response from the owner: Ačiū labai, gera žinoti, kad konsultacija buvo naudinga. Linkiu efektyvių reklamų!
Aurimas S.
Aurimas S.
Karolina P.
Karolina P.
Esu dėkinga Joanai už išsamią ir profesionalią konsultaciją, kurios metu įgavau aiškumo, žinių svetainės gerinimui. Geriausi atsiliepimai ir rekomendacijos!
Response from the owner: Ačiū labai!
Eglė T.
Eglė T.
Justina R.
Justina R.
Kai po pirmo susitikimo supranti, jog šiai specialistei gali patikėti, bet kokį projektą ar net savo klientą ir supranti, jog geriau turbūt ir nerasi, o ir ieškoti nereikės!Puiki komunikacija, profesionalumas, atidumas detalėms, kokybė!Džiaugiuosi pasirinkusi Tave, Joana! Tik geriausios rekomendacijos!
Response from the owner: Justina, ačiū labai, iš savo srities ekspertės ir profesionalės sulaukti tokio pagyrimo - labai didelis įvertinimas man!
Grete L.
Grete L.
Jeigu reikia žmogaus, kuris į kiekvieną darbą įdėtų tiek pat pastangų kaip darydamas sau tai būtinai kreipkitės į Joaną. Nuoširdi, atsakinga, komunikabili, profesionali ir patarianti. Jau po pirmos konsultacijos supratau, kad dirbsime drauge dar ne prie vieno projekto, o jei reikės puikios specialistės tikrai ją rekomenduosiu ir kitiems. Didžiausios rekomendacijos!
Response from the owner: Labai ačiū, Grėte, džiaugiuosi galėdama prisidėti prie tokio šaunaus projekto!
Laura O.
Laura O.
Dėkoju už nuostabią konsultaciją. Gera buvo patirti, kaip profeaionalumas gali apsipinti su švelnumu ir meile klientui ❤ Džiaugiuosi, kad atėjau savo verslo pradžioj, kas leido man išvengti pradedančiosios klaidų. Išėjau su aiškiu žemėlapiu ir kitais žingsniais, ką turiu daryti, kad tikslingai galėčiau judėti svajonės link. Ačiū labai 🌷❤🌷
Response from the owner: Labai malonu skaityti, linkiu sėkmingų pirmųjų žingsnių ir iki kitų susitikimų!
Simona B.
Simona B.
Kad Joana gyvena socialinių tinklų marketingu galima justi po pirmų konsultacijos minučių, tačiau be visos tech dalies, tartis buvo labai malonu ir jauku. Gavau išsamų paaiškinimą temomis, kurių visai neišmaniau, papildančios informacijos po konsultacijos ir daug nuoširdaus palaikymo ir susidomėjimo. Ačiū už visą pagalbą!
Response from the owner: Visuomet malonu padėti, labai ačiū už grįžtamąjį ryšį!
Indrė E.
Indrė E.
Joana atliko FB reklamos konsultaciją - viską paaiškino paprastai ir suprantamai, parodė ir paminėjo svarbiausius akcentus. Kaip paleisti reklamą pasidarė daug aiškiau ir drąsiau. O Joanos domėjimasis ir palaikymas net po konsultacijos tik įrodo jos kompetencijas, atsakomybę ir profesionalumą. Tad ilgiausias AČIŪ ir didžiausios REKOMENDACIJOS! Sėkmės darbuose 👏
Response from the owner: Ačiū labai!
Julija N.
Julija N.
Ačiū labai už aukso vertės profesionalią konsultaciją! Pati didžiausia rekomendacija! Joana yra puiki SEO specialistė. Turi begalę žinių iš įvairių tobulinimosi kursų taip pat moka labai sistemingai perduoti žinias. Tiesiog tobula! Labai rekomenduoju.
Response from the owner: Labai ačiū!
Sandra K.
Sandra K.
Labai profesionalu❣️ puiki komunikacija! Likau sužavėta, ir rekomenduoju 🙏 iki pasimatymo!
Response from the owner: Labai ačiū, iki kitų susitikimų!
Raimonda B.
Raimonda B.
Tokio atsidavimo darbui reikėtų paieškoti ir dar vargu ar rastume! Viskas buvo sklandziai nuo pirmo klausimo iki paskutinio, net man visiškai nesuprantančiam žmogui, padėjo išmokti is pirmų kartų. Tik didžiausios rekomendacijos, ir didelis ačiū uz pagalba! Jūs nuostabus🙂
Response from the owner: Labai ačiū už įvertinimą!

SEO services or Google AdWords advertising?

Google AdWords advertising

For projects that need traffic here and now. The effect is immediate, but only lasts as long as the advertising is bought.

Possible disadvantages without carrying out the basics of SEO (on-page SEO): if the website is not technically in order (loading speed, mobile-friendly webpage, content layout, and information presentation that is clear to the user, practically the basics of technical and on-page SEO) – a considerable % of incoming users traffic may leave the website without performing the desired actions (registration, purchase, other CTAs.

  • When is Google adwords advertising useful? When you need results here and now.
  • Recommendation: do at least part of the SEO optimization (on-page SEO) in parallel so that after bringing the traffic with the help of advertising, you can keep the visiting guest and direct him to the sale.
Project period, waiting time for the result: here and now, as soon as you start buying advertising.
Results are short-term, only as long as advertising is purchased.
The results depend on the current situation of the website (speed, user experience (UX), content quality, etc.).

SEO services (SEO optimization)

For projects that can wait for the final result, but want a secure and long-lasting position at the top of Google. The effect is less immediate (6-9 months), but the path towards the goal is confident, with a clear and solid strategy, and long-term results.


  • A technically proper, fast, engaging content speaking, user friendly and, most importantly, compatible with search engines, website in Google TOP 10 search results.
  • The result is lasting. After investing in and completing an SEO Project, the results can be enjoyed for a long time, and SEO maintenance to maintain positions is not an expensive investment, but it has its own marketing advantages.
  • Visibility. Articles written during an SEO project or SEO marketing in news portals and other information sources not only improve the ranking and position of a website on Google, but also brand awareness.
  • After the completion of the SEO project, recommendations are provided for actions that allow you to stay in the occupied positions and expand the target audience.
The duration of the project is starting from 6-9 months.
The results are long-lasting
Structural, technical, and textual improvements to the website have a significant impact on increasing sales.

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